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Why Your Business Needs a Modern CRM to Succeed

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Managing customer relationships is becoming more critical in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s where a modern CRM comes in.

According to an article by SIU, CRM is about how organizations can set priorities, structure themselves, and leverage resources to apprehend customers’ problems and resolve them.

Companies use a modern CRM to build, develop, and improve customer relationships to increase their value. Organizations ensure that they structure themselves, set priorities, and allocate resources to settle the problem they set out to resolve with modern customer relationship management.

Working without a CRM for a business is a time-consuming task; filtering through paper data on countless clients or potential customers will take ages.

One of the significant issues that arise from managing a business without a modern CRM is automating tasks effectively, for example, managing leads or capitalising on opportunities.

The ability to track sales will be vastly slowed down due to the need to slog through data that is not interconnected.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs a modern CRM:

Detailed Customer Insight

A modern customer relationship management system provides businesses with a detailed overview of their customers. This will include the following:


  • Their complete purchase history with the company.
  • Their likes and dislikes and any complaints.
  • A comprehensive record of their interaction with the company.
This enables businesses to personalize communication and enhance customer engagement, resulting in a robust customer-business relationship and creating higher customer satisfaction.


Facilitates the Sales and Marketing Processes

A modern CRM system will help a business facilitate the sales and marketing processes by allowing them to automate tasks like:


  • Lead generation.
  • Email marketing.


This automation allows the businesses’ sales team to focus significantly on selling while marketing teams can target their efforts accurately.

Allowing automation allows the various teams ample time to conduct market research and develop personalized resolutions for their target audience. 


Provides Data for Analysis

A modern CRM system increases the availability of data. The CRM can compile real-time customer data and analytics, which businesses can use to make informed decisions about customer targeting, product development, and marketing strategies. Most CRMs require the use of 3rd-party applications to use. Zoho does not, making it easily a standalone CRM.


This will allow sales and marketing teams to garner data quickly and make expansive decisions, whether for making a sale or creating an advertisement for a specific target audience.


In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses that can deliver reliable and consistent customer experience have significant advantages over those that cannot. For instance, large corporations like Apple and Microsoft maintain dedicated customer service support for their products. 


This service is not only personalized for their specific product, but it is human and efficient. This service increases customer loyalty and deepens brand advocacy. 

Zoho CRM

A modern CRM like Zoho CRM effectively solves these pain points. It can deliver exceptional results that will transform the management of customers and their data.

Benefits of Zoho CRM

  1. Improved Customer Insight.
  2. Streamlined Sales & Marketing Processes.
  3. Refined Collaboration between different Teams.
  4. Customer Data Collection all in one place.
  5. Easily manage and access customer relationships.
  6. Cost-friendly subscription plans.
  7. Wide array of integrated apps.


Zoho’s CRM is an exceptional option for businesses seeking a user-friendly and standalone modern CRM solution. Unlike other CRMs that require the integration of an assortment of 3rd party applications and information, Zoho’s CRM is simple to use on its own.

Besides the CRM, Zoho offers a suite of other seamlessly integrated apps, such as Books, Marketing automation, Forms, Recruit, and more. Zoho’s CRM is easy to use and integrate with other apps and is cheaper than many other CRMs, such as Salesforce and Odoo.

In today’s competitive business landscape, investing in a modern CRM is essential for enterprises. Startups and smaller businesses can save time managing customer relationships by using a modern CRM, allowing them to spend more time conducting market research on their target audience or creating marketing campaigns.

It is always important to consider whether time spent managing customers manually is as essential as completing deals with potential clients and utilizing product-oriented services.

In conclusion, startups and small & medium-sized enterprises should consider implementing a modern customer relationship management system like Zoho CRM because the benefits are numerous and significant. With the automation of tasks and time-saving processes, businesses experience increased efficiency and productivity.

Valuable customer behaviour and preferences insights allow for better customer engagement and robust relationships. Data tracking and analysis aid in informed sales and marketing decisions.

A modern CRM is a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to improve their customer management practices. Terrific Studio is an authorized partner of Zoho, committed to helping companies to leverage the power of Zoho’s suite of applications.

Zoho’s cutting-edge tools and software have empowered our organization to optimize and streamline business operations. Not only do we benefit from using Zoho, but we also help businesses build their own digital CRM.

To learn more about how Terrific Studio can assist you in optimizing your business operations, kindly book a complimentary consultation with us or check out our blog post on the benefits of Zoho.

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