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User Goals in Outcome-Driven Innovation with Tim Abbott

December 6,
7:30pm AST
December 6,
7:30pm AST

Tim Abbott

Terrific Studio's GROWTH Playbook is inspired by Outcome Driven Innovation from Tony Ulwick. Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) is a strategy and innovation process that focuses on identifying and addressing the specific outcomes or results that customers seek in a product or service.

In the context of ODI, "user goals" refer to the desired outcomes or the specific needs that customers are trying to fulfill when they use a product or service. These goals are pivotal in guiding the innovation process. Understanding them helps in creating solutions that are highly tailored to customer needs.

To be discussed

  1. Identifying Customer Needs
  2. Prioritizing Outcomes
  3. Measuring Success Criteria
  4. Segmentation Based on Needs
  5. Continuous Improvement
  6. Differentiating from Competitors
  7. Solution Development
  8. Reducing Risk

Who should attend?

This meetup is perfect for product managers, marketers, designers, strategists, and other product decision makers.

It is also great for leaders of business interested in digital transformation and building market-leading digital products.

Who is Speaking?

Meet Tim Abbott, a technology product enthusiast with a knack for building innovative solutions that address pressing challenges. He thrives on fostering collaboration within teams to develop impactful products, drawing insights from customer interactions, data analysis, and the latest technological trends. Tim's commitment to transparency and active collaboration ensures strategic alignment across operations.

In his roles as Head of Enterprise Products, Special Advisor to the CEO, Board Member, Innovation Advisor, and Multi-startup Investor, Tim has championed product organizations toward significant growth. His responsibilities span enhancing commercial performance, overseeing products' P&L, driving discovery and development initiatives, and refining go-to-market strategies. Throughout his career, he has built strong relationships with exceptionally talented individuals, leveraging their expertise to drive impactful outcomes.


Upcoming Webinar

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December 6,
7:30pm AST


User Goals in Outcome-Driven Innovation with Tim Abbott


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