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Interview with Turn it In Product Manager Dr Arfan Ismail

December 20,
7:30pm AST
December 20,
7:30pm AST

Dr Arfan Ismail

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Dr. Arfan Ismail, the Product Manager at Turnitin, renowned for pioneering solutions in academic integrity. This insightful session delves into the evolution of plagiarism detection tools, the challenges of maintaining academic honesty in the digital age, and the role of technology in upholding integrity in education.

Dr. Ismail will share his expertise, offering valuable insights into the development of Turnitin's solutions and addressing the future landscape of academic integrity.

To be discussed

  1. Introduction
  2. Dr. Arfan Ismail's Journey into Product Management
  3. Impact of AI on Product Management Workflow
  4. AI in Educational Technology: Dr. Ismail's Perspectives
  5. The Changing Landscape: Remote vs. In-Office or Hybrid Work
  6. Q&A Session

Who should attend?

This meetup is perfect for product managers, marketers, designers, strategists, and other product decision makers. It is also great for leaders of business interested in digital transformation and building market-leading digital products.

Who is Speaking?

Meet Dr. Arfan Ismail, Turnitin's Senior Product Manager with 20 years of experience in leadership, innovation, education, and digital expertise. Alongside being a co-founder of the world's premier fundamentally weighted index for digital assets and cryptoassets, Dr. Ismail stands as a visionary in pioneering advancements in digital technology. He excels in steering product strategies, understanding customer needs, and closing market gaps for enhanced experiences.

Beyond product management, Dr. Ismail serves as a Non-Executive Director for NCUK - The University Consortium, championing education. Recognized as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, he blends visionary leadership and extensive experience to drive transformative advancements in technology and education.


Upcoming Webinar

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